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American Handgunner ReviewA home defense firearm needs to be accessible. At the same time it should be protected from theft and unauthorized access. The best system, in my view, is a safe which only authorized residents can open. The trick is getting it open. If you ever need your firearm the odds are it will be at night. You may be groggy. It will be dark, and turning on the lights may not be a good idea.

The PBS-001 case from LockSAF is one of the best solutions I’ve seen. The safe itself is very well made and finished, of heavy steel (9 gauge, weighs 22 pounds), with interior foam padding. The bottom has four pilot holes so the safe can be bolted to any flat surface. Opening the safe is via a fingerprint-recognition keypad. The system can be programmed to accept up to ten fingerprints, and instructions are simple and straightforward. Since there’s no guaranty which hand will be available in an emergency it’s a good idea to program index finger prints from right and left hands.

I’ve used the safe for several weeks, opened it some hundreds of times and have found it completely reliable. Even in total darkness opening is simple. Just find the button on the top-front by touch, and press it. The recessed fingerprint pad lights up a soft red, hold your fingertip on the pad for a second and the spring-loaded door pops open.

It requires enough attention you need to be awake and reasonably alert, a feature I like. If you aren’t alert enough to open the door you probably shouldn’t have a gun in your hand. Placement of the fingertip on the pad is not critical, as the recessed location of the pad naturally channels the finger into position. Not once did the safe fail to open due to incorrect fingertip positioning, or any other reason for that matter.

A 9V battery powers the electronics. Even if the battery is dead or removed, the safe can always be opened manually with supplied keys. This is a well-made, reliable useful product. It has been approved as a firearm storage device by the California Dept. of Justice.
—Dave Anderson, “GunnySack - LockSAF Gun Safe”, American Handgunner July/August 2009, Page 95

Received the LockSAF on Friday. Got it programed and bolted down that night - it works like a charm. It brings an added since of security knowing the important stuff is locked up and a little more difficult to steal, yet easily accessible to me.

If you're not selling these devices as fast as you can have them made I would have to believe it's because people don't know they are available. The price is well worth the peace of mind it delivers.
—Chris S, Watsonville, CA

The handgun-sized LockSAF Biometric PBS-001 can be used in many places, but due to its recessed, spring-loaded flip-up top, it’s ideal for mounting inside a stout drawer. Twenty two pounds of 9-gauge stell gives it great strength and fast fingerprint recognition—up to 10 fingerprints can be programmed—gives it speed. At about 14" wide by 10.5" deep and 4.5" high, it will take a big handgun plus peripherals and keep ’em safe but handy.
—John Connor, “Quartermaster - Safety & Security”, Guns Magazine September 2010, Page 67

Perhaps you don’t possess a hand gun to secure, or a Rolex watch to keep safe. Still, the LockSAF Fingerprint Safe could still be just what you need. Let’s say you do have expensive jewelry or a hand gun, then this biometric safe is precisely what you are needing.

This is a biometric fingerprint safe which means that only the persons, or person, whose fingerprints are programmed into the memory will be given access to it when the print is detected by the biometric reader. Trying to pick the lock will not work because it is opened with biometrics.

You have the option of registering several of your own fingerprints at slightly different angles so that no matter how you place the tip of your finger on the biometric reader you will forever be admitted access.

By owning a biometric safe means never having to remember a combination, or having to look for a key ever again. If swift access is desired, all one has to do is touch the biometric scanner with your finger.

This gun safe is made from heavy guage steel and can be mounted to any surface so you know it will not be carried off.

If needing to keep your childrens snooping little hands away from your guns or valuables is important, then this safe is for you. Or even a college student in an dorm room or apartment. You can easily place your iPod, phone, or important papers in this biometric gun safes and know they are secure. By getting this sturdy safe you will never have to worry about a snooping roommate. Also, apartment buildings are prominent for being targeted by thieves, so purchasing this safe will help you be confident your important possessions are safely secure.

This is a great buy from LockSaf, one of the leaders in safe security. It is also In the top 25 best selling safe security on Amazon.com.
—rednow1, Reviewing The LockSAF Biometric Fingerprint Safe

The LockSAF Biometric Fingerprint Safe is an amazing top-of-the-line gun safe. As the name suggests, it uses biometric fingerprint recognition technology for access meaning there are no keys to fumble around with or complicated access codes to remember. It’s designed for quick access and is very easy to program; all you have to do is press the activation button and place your finger on the reader, which will then record it and allow only you inside. You can also record up to 10 different fingerprints to allow other people access, if you wish. This is one of the highest rated gun safes on Amazon.com, averaging a 4.6 out of 5 rating overall. It is one of the only safes that contains no negative customer reviews.

LockSAF Biometric Fingerprint Safe Overview:

  • Dimensions - 14 x 10.2 x 4.6
  • Weight - 22lbs
  • 9 gauge / 3mm steel
  • 4 pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Permanent memory stores up to 10 fingerprints
  • Interior - coated in foam padding
  • Power - Uses one 9V battery

LockSAF Safety - How Secure Is It?

As mentioned, it is reinforced with 9 gauge steel and has pre-drilled mounting holes. It can be mounted nearly anywhere that has a flat surface and it would be nearly impossible for an intruder to get it open. However, it’s designed that the person who’s fingerprint has been programmed to be given access can quickly and easily retrieve what’s inside… say, a concealed firearm. It takes about 2 seconds from pressing your finger to the fingerpad to the safe opening, which is quite fast.

The locking mechanism of the LockSAF is almost completely pick-proof and drill-proof, meaning it’s going to take someone a great deal of effort to get inside this thing. A reviewer from “American Handgunner” magazine noted that they’d opened and closed the safe several hundred times and it has been completely reliable.

The LockSAF Biometric safe is simply one of the best gun safes on the market. If you want a top-of-the-line safe that affords peace of mind and security, you can’t go wrong with this one.

What we liked about the LockSaf Biometric Gun Safe:

  • Very easy to use and access even in the dark
  • Highly secure, easily mountable to any flat surface
  • Customer service from LockSAF is some of the best in the industry

What we didn’t like so much:

  • We honestly had no complaints!

If you’re on the market for a gun safe, I would strongly suggest reading my site on gun safe reviews before deciding on a safe. There are many different models on the market, and not all are created equal. Get the unbiased scoop from me, a 20-year gun enthusiast. A biometric gun safe is a great addition to your home if you make the right purchase.
—Frank Gusso, LockSAF Biometric Fingerprint Safe - Is It Secure?

Amazon.com Customer Reviews

The argument of securing a firearm in the safe is; it isn’t accessible quickly enough when you need it. I keep the majority of my firearms in the safe, but my carry gun is either with me or close by, ready if I need it.

I am at a stage of my life that I don’t have any young children around anymore but I may have grandkids one day or friends that have kids visit occasionally. Even in my situation, I think of keeping my home a bit more kid friendly.

All guns need to be secure! The individual gun safe (IGS) is a good happy medium for keeping the gun secure and readily accessible. LockSAF makes a gun safe that is operated with fingerprint identification and can be programmed to facilitate several operators. How James Bondish! …(Read More)
—Dave Morelli, “Four Cool Tactical Tools You Need!”, Gun Digest November 2009Catch up with Gun Digest on Facebook

Even before we had our first child, I knew I had to change the way I stored my firearms. Rapid access to a home defense gun had to play second fiddle to safety. After all, protecting your loved ones is the whole point of keeping a firearm in the master bedroom. Gun accidents can’t happen. At the same time, our child’s arrival strengthened my determination to be prepared for a worst case scenario. How could I ensure quick access to my gun while keeping my child safe from a horrific accident? Enter biometrics. A quick swipe of your finger and I’m good to go. …(Read More)
—Brett Solomon

There’s Incredible Reliability in a LockSAF Biometric Gun Safe
Biometric gun safes are quickly becoming the new standard in personal home defense. For firearms owners who recognize the importance of having a pistol within bedside reach to protect their families from a potential home invasion, fingerprint safes are an ideal solution. LockSAF is among the elite of personal security products geared toward this level of home protection. …(Read More)
—Duke Laserwood

We met at the Shot Show in Orlando where I purchased one of your Biometric Safe Products. I was curious to see how it would perform.

Thus far, the product has worked flawlessly. Both my wife and I have access and can reach our firearms in seconds without having to be concerned for our grand child’s safety or an intruder’s intent. It is easy to program, easy to use and is simple enough that one should not fear being able to access the contents within a stressful situation.

I think you have a winner!
—Michael M., Barrington Hills, IL

After careful review of the product that you sent to Safer Child, the following opinions/observations were made:

The safe definitely appears to be an asset in any home where the concern is preventing children's access to firearms. It appears to be extremely well thought out and has been constructed with excellent features such as internal hinges, fingerprint technology and a mounting system. The owner can easily accesses the contents, while the full safety of said contents from any non-authorized person is ensured.

LockSAF fulfills the function for which we would purchase it - keeping a child from accessing a weapon for a “curiosity” look or play. It is robustly constructed and would not yield to simple attempts to break into it (using, for example, a butter knife, small pry bar, etc.)

Overall, with more than 20 years professional firearms and security experience, I would recommend this product to anyone with children in the house.
—Thomas R., Spokane, Washington, www.Saferchild.org

I enjoyed the opportunity to test the LockSaf gun safe.

As a retired law enforcement officer and having a background in fingerprint technology I was favorably impressed with the technology incorporated into the gun safe. It was easy task to record both my fingerprints and my wife’s fingerprints, a task that proved worthy as I had other persons try to open the safe. None were able.

The only drawback (if that can be considered a drawback) was the loud metal-to-metal noise as the lid sprang open and that could easily be buffered with a bit of weatherstripping.

Overall, I think the LockSaf gun safe is a good investment for those wishing to protect their guns and/or other valuables.
—Marvin W., Montgomery, Alabama

No more looking for keys or remembering a lot of numbers. Just a push of a button, place a finger on a small fingerprint verification window, and “POP!”, the safe opens. You can program up to 10 fingerprints to open the safe. I set mine to open with my right or left index finger. This is a great safe, keeps kids out, and I can open in seconds.
—Charles N., Handgun Club of America Member