About LockSAF Biometric Safes
“The PBS-001 case from LockSAF is one of the best solutions I’ve seen.”
—Dave Anderson, “GunnySack - LockSAF Gun Safe”, American Handgunner July/August 2009, Page 95

LockSAF PSB001
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LockSAF is an innovative way to store your personal firearms and valuables safely. Unlike common lockboxes with conventional locking mechanisms, LockSAF utilizes the latest biometrics technology to provide foolproof security and convenient access at the same time.

Biometric technology is being used every day as a primary security measure. Fingerprint recognition is highly regarded as an accurate means of identification because every human fingerprint is unique.  The biometric locking system uses this fact along with advanced technology to only allow access to authorized individuals.

In today’s world where we know so much can go awry even with the best intentions, LockSAF will give you security, peace of mind, and safety helping protect you, your loved ones, and your prized possessions.

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