Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why use the LockSAF PBS-001?

A: LockSAF’s PBS-001 is a well engineered storage device that will store your valuables safely and securely while allowing you quick access at any time. Using biometrics, the only people that can open the box are those that have their fingerprints programmed.


Q: What do I do if my safe is not working consistently?

A: LockSAF guarantees every safe because we use the highest quality components that have a very low failure rate. Due to differences in everyone’s fingerprint, a user’s fingerprint signature or clarity may vary. If your safe is not working consistently, try resetting and reprogramming the safe. Be patient with this process in order to program the print for maximum readability. To ensure stability during programming or operation, rest the entire finger or thumb on the safe with the tip of the digit touching the bottom border of the fingerprint recognition window. Use firm pressure during programming to ensure readability. Try laying your finger on the reader without sliding the finger since this may cause distortion. Lastly, practice with the safe. Like any product of this nature, the user should practice using the safe in order to produce a consistent result. If these tips do not help, call Customer Service immediately at (877) 568-5625.


Q: What if something happens to the electronics or the battery is dead? Can I still retrieve my valuables?

A: Yes, each box comes with a set of mechanical keys. The key hole is under the battery cover. You can replace the battery anytime without losing the programmed fingerprints. It is recommended that the user should operate the safe at least once every six months if the safe is idle and to replace the battery at least once every year regardless of use. Because batteries performance is dependent on the temperature of the environment, it also recommended that the safe is operated indoors away from extreme temperatures.


Q: Can anyone break into the box?

A: PBS-001 is made with 9 gauge steel. The box is 3mm thick throughout and is 10kg (22lbs) which makes it difficult to damage or carry for long distances. Even if the safe suffered a high impact in an attempt to be opened, it would only make it more difficult to retrieve anything inside assuming the valuable survived the impact. The key hole has an anti-drilling device that will only allow a bit to spin and not have contact. Only a professional locksmith can pick the lock.


Q: How fast can I open the box?

A: The box takes 2 seconds or less to open if your finger is positioned properly on the fingerprint verification window.


Q: What if I cut my finger?

A: Small cuts or abrasions will not affect the recognition of your fingerprint. It is suggested that the owner program more than one finger in case of a severe wound to the finger.


Q: Is the PBS-001 fireproof?

A: No, the box is not made to be fireproof.


Q: Is there a way to mount the box?

A: Yes, each box comes with (4) 10mm pilot holes in the bottom panel. As long as you have a flat surface, you can mount the box. The box was intentionally designed to be mounted in a cabinet or a drawer, but there are many other places where it can be mounted. Note that there is no mounting hardware included which can be purchased at any local hardware store.


Q: Is the fingerprint recognition 100% accurate?

A: The box will not open for anyone that does not have their fingerprint programmed. The fingerprint reader has a fail rate less than 0.01%.


Q: Will the reader always read my fingerprint the first time?

A: The reader has a very low rate of failure. As long as you have your finger placed firmly on the verification window, it will read it. Your finger does not have to be placed exactly as you programmed it, but it should be as close as possible for faster reading. The fingerprint reader will recognize the fingerprint even if the finger is slightly misaligned from the original template. However, any gross misalignment, especially if the whole fingerprint is not on the window, will not allow the recognition to occur.


Q: Is the PBS-001 approved by the California Department of Justice as Firearm Safety Device?

A: Yes, it has been approved as of September 9, 2008.


Q: What if I am unhappy with my purchase?

A: Each box comes with a 30 day customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with your purchase and it has not been 30 days since you have received your box, return it and we will send your money back.


Q: What if the box stops working for unknown reasons?

A: Each box is warranted for one year against any manufacturer defects.